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Illustrator, Kim Sponaugle


Kim Sponaugle has been illustrating picture books for over 20+ years. An AIPH grad, she started as a curriculum designer but soon found her hear’s vocation in children’s illustration. Since then, she has illustrated over 130 books for kids, working with traditional publishers and independent clients. She’s an award winner, her most recent the Mom’s Choice Gold Award for the Chipper the Arctic Fox series “Chipper Makes Merry.”.Kim lives in Salem County, New Jersey, with her husband, son, Bombay cat, and Blue Heeler.  

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My Story

I have been in children's publsihhing for a long time, and still have a passion to tell stories. Recently I have been nudged to work in the fantasy genre more seriously. I hope to make beautiful fantasy/fictional art that rings true in the heart.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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